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Soon we will be enjoying that special season where the Elf is up to all kinds of silly shenanigans around the house and the kids and adults are loving every minute of it. The return address will be from my shop.

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Gingerbread Adventures — Bring the magic by making gingerbread cookies and having them come to life. Play hide and seek with your Elf on the Shelf.

Elfie will be visiting you very soon. Let him overdose on candy and leave him be for the kids to find him. If you need more ideas for your Elf on the Shelf check out these fun posts: What could be more fun than getting a letter in the mail from Santa announcing that our Elf on the Shelf will be arriving soon?.

For our family, Elf on the Shelf has been a fun and exciting tradition. Not the North Pole If you don't want to ruin the spirit of Santa, please be sure to have the parents open the package. This Elf on the Shelf introduction letter printable is perfect for bringing back your beloved Elf while also getting kids excited for the holidays.

Or you can download this. Get the kids to pack his suitcase and maybe a couple of his favourite snacks for his journey home. My daughter already knew about this elf at 3-years-old thanks to preschool friends who had one. Elfin visited us over Easter this year with all the ingredients to make shredded wheat nests.

The Elf on the Shelf makes baby Jesus disappear out of the nativity. Elf gets caught trying to do something nice for someone in the family. Cute printable activity with limited writing for kindergarten or first.

50 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas (For Busy Moms) & Printable

Select a valid country. Elf has a hay day swinging on the Christmas tree and knocking off ornaments. Simply print this free elf on the shelf printable image on paper or card stock and frame for children to find when your Elf on the Shelf returns.

This Free Elf on the Shelf Printable includes one 8 1/2″ x 11″ full color printable turnonepoundintoonemillion.com format at dpi. Free to download and print Goodbye Letter to the Elf on the Shelf When the Elf on the Shelf leaves a house on Christmas, he leaves behind a goodbye letter similar to this one.

There are also free printable Santa letters to download that will make your job easier: Elf on the Shelf Introduction Letter; Returning Elf on the Shelf Welcome Letter; Mid-Christmas Season Letter from Santa; Good Bye Letter from Elf.

Free printable letter for your Elf on the Shelf's first morning arrival! Just grab some donuts and this letter for a QUICK and EASY arrival of your Elf! Skip to primary navigation; And, if you’d like to see over 40 other FREE Printable Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letters.

Printable ELF on the Shelf Letter Elf on the Shelf Welcome Letter. You can use these letters in many ways. The best way to introduce the elf to your child is- place the wrapped elf with introduction letter on your doorstep.

The joy of your kid will tell you that how much he/she has liked this surprise. Have a look at our collection of letters. Elf On The Shelf Printables Welcome Letter Elf On Shelf Arrival Letter Elf On Shelf Arrival Letter Write A Letter From Santa To Your C Write A Letter From Santa To Your Child Letter.

Letter To Santa Template Free Print Letter To Santa Template Free Printable 20 Free Printable.

Goodbye Letter From Elf On The Shelf Free Printable Write a letter elf on the shelf printable
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Goodbye Letter to the Elf on the Shelf